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about us

AMAKABA is a vision for collective healing honoring the art and science of the earth, the body and the cosmos through art, science and spirituality. 


AMAKABA offers Kundalini Yoga classes to share the healing technology of yoga with underserved communities in French Guiana. We understand our collective responsibility to support the most vulnerable and commit to building inclusive communities and solidarity networks,  through yoga & dance classes, a community kitchen, astronomical observations, and forest walks. 


We held two weekly classes for the refugee and asylum seeker communities in Cayenne (discontinued since the epidemic). We now offer two open access classes for all, every weekend via zoom.

AMAKABA      Kundalini Yoga is part of the global campaign 

#Social Justice is a Spiritual Practice, initiated by our collaborators KAR - Kundalini Africa Rising. 



Kundalini Yoga is ​a technology of transformation. It combines the use of pranayama (breath work), asanas (physical postures), mudras (hand seals), drishti (eye postures), meditation (mind posture) and mantra (chanting and recitation of seed sounds). 

The purpose of yoga is to experience union between ourself and infinity. Each one of us is infinite and creative in potential but limited by our state of consciousness and the culture of domination enforced in this material reality. Yoga assists us in becoming more conscious so we can change attitudes to overcome the mental limits of the finite self and the injustice of our societies.

Kundalini Yoga is a technology of awareness. The practice increases our level of self awareness, helping us to enhance our perception and experience of our being, balancing our physical body, mind, and soul. Thus, allowing us to deeply know ourselves, in complete honesty, holding space for the best and worst indiscriminately; and eventually grow to become fully aware and conscious human beings, in service of our communities, lands, ancestors and coming generations. 




As a result of the current situation we are moving our classes online. All are welcome to attend our classes. * Please note times are in GTM time. 


Taking into considerations the biological, emotional, energetic and ancestral dimension of immunity, the technology of Kundalini Yoga can support us through these times to strengthen our immune system and build vitality to face our challenges with grace. 


Becoming a mother is a time of intense transformation. Through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, one can harness the sacred power of motherhood that lies within, and receive the wisdom of mothers through the ages, from the cosmic womb to ours. Pregnancy brings new challenges, which can be met with grace with the support of your breath, awareness and community. Connect with your changing body, nourish your relationship with your child, and exchange with a community of mothers, while learning the art of conscious pregnancy.




 Wednesdays 4pm GTM

- with Tabita - English


Saturday 21 June - 4pm GTM - with Tabita

For more Kundalini Yoga classes (in English) , join our South African collaborators KAR or The Nest Space


Mondays 4.30 pm GTM  

Thursdays 4.30 pm GTM 

Sundays 1 pm GTM

Email for  Zoom link. Donation based classes.




Until the situation resolves, all classes take place on Zoom. Download the free Zoom app here for computers and on the App Store / Google Play Store for phones. Once the app is installed, join the class through the above links. 

If you cannot make the live class, find here one recorded class. 

Blessings to you all.   



AMAKABA seeks to make their offerings as open and accessible, especially to the most vulnerable communities.

If you (have) come to our classes and benefit(ed) from them, consider supporting our mission in any way you can so we can expand our reach and offerings.  Feel free to:


 Send your prayers our way. Prayer is our power

Bring us fruits & vegetables for our community kitchen


Give financial donations via Paypal (or request our banking details) 


Support a student to do teacher training so they can uplift their own communities

In gratitude

Gratitude is the dance of the soul, the smile of the heart and the treasure of life.

Thanks for the love






Thank you


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