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The Moon Center is a place for lunar transmission. A place to experience and share the wisdom of the moon through art, science, and spirit. 

The moon has always inspired the hearts and minds while regulating many cycles of our eco-bio-social systems:  from oceanic tides to our emotional territories, menstruations, germination, spiritual celebrations and the measure of time. Now also a strategic asset within global spatial politics, the moon is home to vast array of practices, speculation, and timeless truth.

The Moon Center is a a ressource and community for all moon lovers. It is part of the larger vision AMAKABA, initiated by artist Tabita Rezaire. We are based in French Guiana, yet our devotion to the moon knows no borders.



The Moon Center celebrates the cycles of the moon and offers New Moon and Full Moon gatherings. Join us for telescopic observations, meditations, storytelling, nocturnal walks and baths, collective dancing and chanting, lunar gardening and more.

During these times of pandemic, we are offering online gatherings.

Check our calendar of celebrations for more information. 


If you would like to collaborate with the Moon Center, we would be honored to share our love of the moon with you. We work with museums, schools, specialised institutions, prisons, refugee camps, and all space where celebrating the moon would make a heart smile. 

Check our news for more information on our program.



To receive Moon Wisdom in your inbox and invitations to our lunar gatherings, join our mailing list. 

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